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Samsung invades the global market with its new smartphones 2021

هواتف الـ زي فولد 3 والـ زي فليب 3


Samsung, the South Korean conglomerate, is among the most famous names in technology and Samsung shares are the most popular among global stocks in terms of attracting the interest of equity investors. With a brand value of $62.3 billion, Samsung ranks fifth in the list of the most valuable brands in the world with this huge market capitalization. The South Korean company’s current valuation is twelve times that of its initial valuation in 2000.

Let’s get acquainted with the most important points that make Samsung shares the most famous among the global stocks and are always present in the list of investment portfolios for investors in the field of stocks without any doubt, and what is expected of the Samsung stock behind its launch of its new smart devices?

Samsung stock is one of the most famous stocks in the world

● One of the dominant in the field of smartphones

Samsung’s dominance in the smartphone market continues. During the third quarter of last year 2020, Samsung regained the first place as it recorded an annual growth of 2.9%, recording 80.4 million units sold. Samsung controlled 22.7% of the market share. In recent years, Samsung has felt the intensity of competition, especially Chinese players, and has been focusing on innovative, highly advanced and user-friendly products to stand out from the ever-increasing competition. While the company does not have a stake in China, it dominates a large market in India (24%) and the United States (30%), which are the second and third largest smartphone markets in the world.

Recently, Samsung announced the introduction of four models of foldable smartphones which include two foldable smartphones that can be opened side by side and two “Flip-type” phones that can be opened up and down. Samsung, famous for its futuristic ideas, is said to be working on a transparent device, as shown in one of the patents announced by the USPTO in August 2020.

● 5G and the pursuit of 6G technology

The South Korean company Samsung has made great strides in the field of 5G technology. It became the first company in the world to gain FCC approval for its commercial 5G equipment. It has pioneered the successful delivery of end-to-end 5G solutions including chipsets, radios and core network technologies. The company supports commercial 5G services in the world’s leading markets, including Korea, the United States and Japan, and is expanding into new markets including Canada and New Zealand.

By early 2021, Samsung is highlighting the capabilities and benefits of Massive Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) in 5G NR systems and its roadmap for massive MIMO solutions. The white paper outlines the various form factors, core air technologies, and development plans, as well as the company’s vision for this critical technology essential to building 5G. Massive MIMO is a key enabler of 5G’s ultra-fast data rates, and it also helps take 5G capabilities to a new level.

The massive MIMO market is expected to reach US$9.62 billion by 2025, registering a compound annual growth rate of 30.2% during the forecast period (2020-2025) from US$1.54 billion in 2019.

5G. It has already defined its vision for the next generation, 6G. The company’s vision for 6G is to bring the next hyperconnection experience into every corner of life. Seungyeon Choi, president of the Advanced Communications Research Center Corporation, explained. To accelerate the search for 6G, the company’s research department, the Advanced Research and Development Center within SET Business of Samsung Electronics, established the Advanced Communications Research Center in the middle of 2019 and since that time it has been working to achieve this technology so that Samsung as always remains stalled in the field of research and development .

Earlier this month, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung announced at its annual event to unveil new devices, four new products that promise superior user experience and come armed with technology and advanced features.

Galaxy Z Fold / Z Flip3: The Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 were unveiled at Unpacked 2021 and are Samsung’s third generation of 5G foldable smartphones. The Z Fold3 has a non-disabled 7.6-inch Infinity Flex display and comes with S Pen support, for the first time in a foldable device.

Z Flip3 – Galaxy Z Flip 3 features a sleek, pocketable design with improved camera features and a larger cover screen. Samsung said that both smartphones are IPX8 water resistant and made of Armor Aluminum. To protect against scratches and accidental drops, the phones are equipped with Corning gorilla victus glass.

“As an industry leader in the foldable device category, we are proud to build on our legacy of innovation with the Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. These devices provide consumers with technologies that unlock new ways to maximize and enjoy every moment using an ecosystem built on openness and innovation,” said TM Roh, President of Mobile Communications at Samsung.

Z Fold3 – Galaxy Xfold 3 enables an immersive experience thanks to the new camera technology under the screen. It has more viewing area for an uninterrupted full panel and features an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz on both main and cover screens. The price of the Z-Fold device is 1800 US dollars, while the price of the Z-Flip is 1000 US dollars.

Should you buy one?

Galaxy Z Fold3 is the best book style foldable phone design. Its improved durability and water resistance, not to mention its integration with the S Pen make it an especially attractive option for consumers who want a smartphone with a giant screen.

However, its lack of dust resistance, bulky design, and high price tag mean that most consumers will be a little wary before seriously considering one of them. Samsung did a great job building on the original Z Fold and Z Fold2, and now it has to do the same with the Z Fold3 to ensure that the next generation is a truly accessible smartphone for all consumers.

The bottom line

In the technical field, Samsung always offers innovations and smart solutions through its new phones, which is a qualitative leap in the smart phone market, and with this new generation of Z-fold and Z-Flip phones, the value of Samsung’s stock is expected to rise with the start of sales.

As the initial surveys by the accused in the field of technology confirm that these new devices are a breakthrough in the world of smart phones, and that everyone is definitely excited to acquire them. So from an investment point of view, Samsung’s stock is certainly one of the strongest shares on the technology stock scene due to its attractive returns for its holders over the years.