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Samsung Buds 2 headphones.. a close look | technology


In addition to the wireless headset “Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro”, the South Korean company introduced the basic model “Galaxy Buds 2”, which comes in a smaller size and less weight, and includes almost the same set of functions available in the luxury version.

The outer part of the wireless headset body appears in white, while the inner part is purple, olive, dark gray (graphite) or glossy white, and the headset combines in its new design a kidney and teardrop shape, and regardless of the two microphone holes, the surface looks smooth and elegant.

Samsung explained that the battery life extends to 5 to 3 hours when making phone calls or 5 hours when listening to music, with the Active Noise Canceling (ANC) function activated.

The backup battery in the charging case provides the ability to operate the wireless headset for up to another 15 hours, and the operating time increases when the noise canceling function is disabled, and the battery is recharged via the “USBC” port with support for the wireless charging function, and the sound is echoed With bidirectional actuators developed in cooperation with AKG.

These are some of the operations that Galaxy Buds 2 does:


When pairing this headset with Samsung phones, it says “Turn on the headset and follow the on-screen instructions.”

For other smartphones equipped with the Google Android operating system, the Samsung application is required, and the test results also showed that the Samsung wireless headset paired without any problems with mobile devices equipped with the Apple iOS system.

convenience of use

The new Samsung wireless headphones are light in weight, which does not exceed 5 grams per ear, and are comfortably worn in the ear.

Although the base model “Galaxy Buds 2” rests firmly in the ear and there is no channel for pressure equalization, the effect of ear blockage is very limited.

Playback time increases when noise cancellation is disabled (Getty Images)

the use

The new wireless headset is used smoothly by clicking, pressing or holding on the touch-sensitive surface of the earplug. In order for the wireless headset to be used correctly, the user needs to get a little used to feeling the discomfort when the touch-sensitive surface is first tapped. The user can, at will, specify other control commands through the “Samsung Wearable” application.

the sound

The user gets a great impression at the beginning when the wireless headphone is paired with a Samsung device, and the sound is crystal clear, and this is clearly evident with the services of broadcasting high-definition (HD) music and compressed files without quality loss, and with continued use the impression is confirmed that a plug The ear is wonderful.

The quality of the Galaxy Buds 2 wireless headset is shown with modern and old songs as well, but it lacks the effects of virtual 3D surround sound and the sound is not changed depending on the position of the listener, and phone calls can be made with the Galaxy Buds 2 wireless headset. “The new one is very well done.

The new Galaxy Buds 2 wireless headset supports the Samsung Bixby voice assistant, where the user can control some functions via voice commands.

Noise canceling technology

Packed with effective noise cancellation, the new headset does a good job at masking annoying noises, from the taps of typing on keyboards in large offices to the din of speeding trains and drips from taps, and the tech package includes two microphones that pick up ambient noise. and filter it.

Auto off mode

The music is automatically turned off when the headset is removed from the ear.

ambient noise

In this operating mode, the surrounding sounds are passed to the user in order to perceive the outside world, and this function works well, and the capabilities of the “Galaxy Buds 2” headset appear with Samsung devices and other Android devices equipped with the Samsung and Apple application, but when used with mobile devices equipped with the Apple system.” iOS”, it works via Bluetooth connection without additional settings.