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Important facts about OPPO that you should not miss to know

Over the past years, the Chinese company OPPO has always been among the five best-selling smartphone companies in China and the world. OPPO ranks fourth in the world with 11% of the global smartphone market during the first quarter of 2021, and ranks second in China with 23 % during the first quarter of 2021, outperforming both Huawei and Xiaomi within China itself.

These are important facts about OPPO that you may be interested to know:

OPPO’s first product wasn’t a smartphone

OPPO's first product was not a smartphone
The first product from Oppo was an Mp3 player

Despite the fact that OPPO is now one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, the company that was founded in 2004 was not its first smartphone product, as its first product was a portable MP3 player called OPPO X3, which distinguished at that time With quality and innovative design, it also won the favor of users at that time.

Her first phone was called the Smile Phone

And OPPO launched its first phones in 2008 as the Smile Phone, due to its design that carries a smile or a smiling face on the back, which helped the phone achieve tremendous success in China, where the Chinese company had to reproduce the phone five times to meet demand. This has also contributed to strengthening OPPO’s position as a leader in launching innovative products with a unique or distinctive design.

Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Realme follow the same group

While OPPO ranks second among the best-selling companies in China during the first quarter of 2021, according to a counterpoint report, Vivo company occupies the first place, and both companies with Realme and OnePlus follow the same group, which is the BBK Electronics group that owns the four companies, which makes the sales of the entire group companies or the Chinese conglomerate in the first place in smart phone sales when the sales of the four companies are combined together (Oppo Realme, OnePlus, and Vivo).

Oppo was BBK’s response to the growth of the global electronics market in the field of audio and video, starting as an MP3 and DVD player company before moving into the smartphone market.

Global growth started in Thailand

In a first step for global expansion away from China, Thailand saw the launch of OPPO’s first product outside of China in 2009.

OPPO launches the first smartphone with a rotating camera

  OPPO N3 with rotating camera
Oppo N3 with rotating camera

In 2013, OPPO launched the N Series, which is the first smartphone with a rotating camera, and the OPPO N3 phone had a rotating camera at the top that could be rotated up to 206 degrees, with a simple touch on the fingerprint sensor, which gave users wide options. To take pictures from different angles.

A Guinness World Record for the thinnest smartphone

The company OPPO holds a record in the Guinness Book of Records, where the OPPO R5 set a record for the thinnest smartphone with a thickness of only about 4.85 mm or 0.19 inches, which is the phone that the company launched in 2014, which broke the record for the thinnest smartphone that was held by the company Gionee for her Elife S5.1 smartphone.

Leonardo DiCaprio helped promote her first smartphone

In 2011, the Chinese company OPPO relied on Oscar-winning American actor Leonardo DiCaprio to promote the first Find smartphones, through a series of ads to reveal the features of the new series of phones, and according to many reports, the Chinese company paid the DiCaprio 5 Million dollars for series ads.

One of the leading companies in fast charging technologies

In 2014, OPPO launched its Super VOOC fast charging technology, which is considered one of the leading technologies for fast charging of phones and other smart devices, and in 2020, OPPO announced fast charging technology. 125W Flash Charge For smartphones with a capacity of 125 watts, which is the technology that it says allows a smartphone carrying a 4000 mAh battery to be charged up to 41% in just five minutes, in addition to charging the full battery in just 20 minutes, based on its leading technology for super-fast charging SuperVOOC With a comprehensive upgrade.

Oppo also announced a new wireless charger that supports 65W wireless phone charging, which allows the user to fully charge the battery in just 30 minutes.

Oppo Find X introduced a unique design with a bezel-less screen

OPPO launched its smart phone Oppo Find X In the French capital, Paris in 2018, a phone that carried a unique design with a completely bezel-less screen, depending on the innovation of many technologies to achieve this unique design, which does not carry any “notch” or a built-in camera inside the screen itself, while relying on hiding the camera The front, the headset, and the sensors for the facial recognition feature, in addition to the two rear cameras, are inside the body of the phone, so that the back part of the phone moves up when you need to photograph or open the phone.

Imagine the first smartphone with a rollable screen

oppo x 2021
Imagine a phone from Oppo with a retractable screen

In 2021, OPPO announced a vision for a smartphone called OPPO X 2021 with an innovative design with a retractable screen, so that the user can drag the flexible screen to change its size from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches depending on a sliding frame.

OPPO offers three series of smartphones

OPPO provides consumers with three series of smartphones in most countries around the world, with some limited versions that are available in China or only in certain markets. The phones provided by OPPO include the Find X series, which is one of the high-spec and cost-effective flagship phones such as OPPO Find X3 ProIn addition to the mid-cost Reno series, the specifications of which are among the most popular among the company’s phones, as well as the Oppo A series of phones, which are characterized by low specifications and large batteries at a low cost.

Sponsorship of major sports teams and leagues

Oppo, like many Chinese companies, is famous for sponsoring teams and sporting events, such as Vivo, which is one of the most popular brands in the world Euro 2020 sponsorsOPPO won the sponsorship of the rights of the Indian national cricket team in a contract that extends to 2022, and the company previously had a contract to sponsor the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​which resulted in the launch of a limited version of its smartphone R11 in the colors of the Catalan team, and the Chinese company is also a sponsor of the ancient Wimbledon tennis tournament, Oppo also announced a contract with Mohamed Salah The Liverpool player and the Egyptian national team was the brand ambassador of its brand in the Middle East and Africa earlier in 2020.

Difficult problems in India did not affect its growth

OPPO in India faced a number of problems in 2017, as the company was involved in unfortunate disputes related to its Chinese employees, which caused the suspension of the company’s production plant after the Indian employees protested against a Chinese employee tearing the Indian flag and throwing it in the trash. The second incident also included Mass resignation of the entire Indian business team after the head of the services department said that “Indians are beggars”, but OPPO has overcome both problems and is now ranked fifth in the smartphone market in India (first quarter of 2021).