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Huawei reveals its achievements by promoting innovation and supporting research and development

This came during a global conference on innovation and patent protection, organized by Huawei in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, the incubator of its business headquarters.

This is the third event dedicated to innovation and intellectual property, organized by Huawei “as part of its innovative practices, which are the fruit of its efforts and huge investments in research and development.”

In 2021, its investment in research and development amounted to $22.4 billion, equivalent to 22.4 percent of its total annual revenue.

Research and development expenditures, and the proportion of expenditures on research and development, have reached their highest levels over the past ten years. It came in second place on the European Union’s list of investment in industrial research and development for 2021.

Huawei said, “Despite the challenges it has faced over the past three years, it has been able to garner high ranks at a global level in the number of patents and support investments in research and development.”

And this year, a new survey by the research and consulting company “Tech + IP” in the United States announced that “Huawei ranked first in the world in the field of patents for 5G networks.” In 2021, Huawei ranked fifth in the number of new patents, as the company contributed about 20,000 patents in the states.

The number of patent applications filed by Huawei in the states annually is about 4,000, with an average of 3,000 new patents.

According to the European Patent Office, Huawei was “the largest patent applicant in Europe between 2019 and 2021”, with Huawei establishing 20 research centers in the countries of the continent, including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and others.

Huawei ranked first worldwide in patent applications submitted to the Patent Cooperation Treaty. By the end of 2021, it had achieved more than 110,000 patents in more than 45,000 patent families, obtaining more patents than any other company in China.

These achievements were made possible by Huawei’s investment in sustainable innovation, as its strategy primarily focuses on promoting innovation.

In this regard, Huawei’s chief legal officer, Song Liuping, said, “Intellectual property protection is a fundamental component of innovation protection. We cooperate with technology companies in an open and transparent manner by licensing patents and technologies we create in order to share our innovations with the world.”

“We look forward that this approach will contribute to enhancing the production of innovations, advancing technical development and making technology accessible to all,” he added.

Huawei unveiled the award-winning innovations “Top Ten Innovations”, which the company said are “revolutionary and unprecedented, and will contribute to changing the course of the future of artificial intelligence and 5G technologies, and open new horizons for user experience.”

The award-winning innovations ranged from neural networks that will exceptionally reduce computing power consumption, and ‘optical iris’ networks that provide the unprecedented capabilities and features of fiber optic networks, which are designed to help carriers manage network resources and reduce time and costs. necessary for broadband deployment.

The announcement of the new innovations came within the framework of the company’s policy of openness around the world, to share its innovations and raise the ceiling of international efforts to protect intellectual property related to technical innovations, which Huawei says is “one of the most important axes of the strategy of building the technical ecosystem required in the world for the benefit of the future of all mankind.” .

“The value of the company’s patents has been widely recognized, particularly in approved standards, such as cellular phones, Wi-Fi devices and audio and video formats,” said Alan Fan, head of Huawei’s Intellectual Property Rights Division.

“Over the past five years, more than 2 billion smartphones have obtained 4th and 5th generation patents from Huawei. About 8 million Huawei patented connected cars are delivered to consumers annually,” he noted.

He added, “More than 260 companies – providing 1 billion devices – have obtained Huawei HEVC patent licenses through the patent pool,” stressing that the company is “in discussions to provide a way to grant new patents that can provide quick access to Huawei patents for Wi-Fi devices.” Faye”.

In his turn, the former Vice-President of the European Patent Office, Manuel DeSantis, explained in his speech at the conference that “in light of the rapid technological changes and developments in our world, the number of registered patents or innovations is no longer the most important matter, but rather the necessity of ensuring the intellectual property system for innovations to achieve Actual protection for innovations that deserve it based on their real value.”

During the conference, Huawei officials stated that the company “discusses joint licensing programs for fifth generation inventions with licensing experts and leading patent authorities in the technical sector, and that the company is cooperating with patent licensing management companies to provide one-stop licenses to prevailing standards.”

Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization office in China, Liu Hua, praised Huawei’s continuous efforts to promote innovation, saying, “We look forward to Huawei continuing its efforts to compete at the global level, with its focus on innovation.”