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Generation Z is the most important segment targeted by technology brands


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Even Oh, CEO of “OPPO” in the Arab Gulf states, stressed that the “Z generation” is the most important segment targeted by technology brands.

He said: Compared to previous generations, Generation Z focuses on taking advantage of the capabilities of smart phones, including multimedia such as surfing the Internet, listening to music and watching video, which reflects their constant search for everything that they can express themselves and their ideas, and show their true self. In addition, this generation is always looking to increase the number of activities and actions that are done on their smartphones. For consumers of this energetic generation, the Reno7 Pro 5G gives them all that and more, and thus is the perfect opportunity to express themselves.

He continued, “The Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G phone features strong performance thanks to the technologies of communication with fifth generation networks, supported by the Dimensity 1200-MAX data processing chip from MediaTek, and at the same time, it includes 12 GB RAM, 256 GB internal storage, and a 4500 mAh battery. The watch and SUPERVOOCTM 65W ultra-fast charging technology – all these features guarantee – an exceptional and fast using experience in the long term.

On the fifth generation network technology and its provision and why it is critical to OPPO, he said: Since its inception, OPPO has been and continues to be a leading company in the fifth generation network technology, and as an innovative company for many of the first technologies of its kind in the world, it has maintained the same innovative spirit in the field of communication With the ultra-fast fifth generation networks, many first-of-its-kind achievements have been recorded. OPPO’s achievements in this area include launching the first 5G smartphone to the public in Europe, integrating VoNR Over SA technology with 5G for the first time on a publicly available mobile phone, and creating the first 5G SA network in the UK, leading the process Switching from NSA to SA networks.

He continued: OPPO’s mission in the field of 5G connectivity is to provide access to the network for everyone in the world in a simple and fast manner, stemming from the vision of our brand and its motto “Technology at the service of humanity, and humanity at the service of the world.”

In the first half of 2021, the leading global technology market analysts at Canalys revealed that OPPO has taken concrete steps towards achieving its mission, as it ranked first in the number of mobile phones sold that support connectivity to 5G networks, and run the Android operating system, This demonstrated its continued commitment to commercializing the capabilities and capabilities of 5G networks around the world.

He said: “Achieving growth in the digital world makes the youth of Generation Z in constant search for high quality photography. So when we created our latest smartphones, it was important to focus on the concept of innovation in photography, investment and search for the best possible levels of performance. The Reno 7 Pro 5G phone will amaze users with its blazing internet speeds, exceptional performance, fast charging, along with exceptional photography and video features, as expected from the leading Oppo brand.”

He said, “The OPPO Reno7 Pro 5G features a pioneering portrait camera system that is unprecedented in the mobile world, thanks to its two leading imaging sensors, IMX709 and IMX766, which are the cornerstone of this fully developed imaging experience. With the updated Portrait Bokeh Video feature and AI Video feature, as well as an all-new Portrait mode, users can take photos and videos like professional photographers with absolute ease and more.

On the strategic partnership between MediaTek and OPPO to achieve their future goals, he said: “OPPO has always highlighted its brand orientation of “inspiring the future” in every strategic partnership it undertakes, as well as its partnership with MediaTek. We are always determined to continue to innovate and inspire the technology industry. With the support of our partners including MediaTek, OPPO can continue to provide the latest technological developments to its customers in the region and all over the world.”