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buy iphone 13 or wait for 14

Buy iPhone 13 or wait for 14

Buy iPhone 13 or wait for 14? A really confusing question, as we know iphone 13 came out with solid reviews. But at the same time, the iPhone 14 rumors started to heat up, promising more improvements in the future.

There is an additional complication to this particular dilemma, caused by supply chain issues that have plagued a lot of tech companies, including Apple. Apple has struggled to get all the parts it needs to make the iPhone 13; iPhone 13 supplies are limited, especially for Pro models.

iPhone 13: What’s available now

The iPhone 13 arrived in late September with four different models to choose from. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is our favorite out of the bunch and the best iPhone you can get right now. But it’s also the most expensive – the iPhone 13 Pro offers many of the same features but with a smaller screen for $100 less.

iPhone 14: Rumored Features Coming in 2022

The iPhone 13 came out recently and it still smells like the new iPhone. But Apple is already working on iPhones next year, and some purported details about what’s going on are starting to emerge.

We don’t expect Apple to deviate from its well-established strategy of rolling out major iPhone releases in the fall, so we’re at least nine months away from focusing on the iPhone 14. But if you can wait that long, these are the rumored features and improvements likely to come our way. 

Buy iPhone 13 or wait for 14?

We hope these rumors about what’s coming from Apple will help you figure out if the iPhone 13 is the phone for you or if you’re betting on features more in line with your wish list.

Again, there’s no universally correct answer to this question – it all depends on what you want out of the phone and whether Apple is likely to provide it, whether it’s now or in the future.