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A closer look at the fourth generation Samsung Galaxy Watch | technology

The new Samsung Galaxy smartwatch provides many advanced functions, such as measuring body fat percentage and muscle mass. Here is a comprehensive look at the new smartwatches from Samsung.

The new models feature a traditional design with a round OLED screen, and the Galaxy Watch 4 is available in 40 mm and 44 mm models, and is designed for use with touch and swipe gestures.

The smart watch “Classic 4” (4 Classic) is also available in two models 42 and 46 mm, and it includes – in addition – a rotating bezel for moving between menus. In addition to the round screen, the equipment package includes two buttons for navigation, voice control and Samsung Pay.

Samsung has teamed up with Google to develop the smartwatch operating system, and although the operating system is originally for Google, it seems that the look and design is 100% Samsung. In order for the smartwatch to be paired with the smartphone, the user needs the Samsung Wearable app.

Quick and easy setup

Setting up the Galaxy Watch 4 is quick and easy, but adapting it to your daily usage scenarios takes time. Since a lot of sections can be placed in the smartwatch interface, the user has to choose the functions carefully, so that the scrolling menu for quick selection does not become too full.

It is difficult – at first – to get used to the operation of the Galaxy Watch 4 smart watch; Because scrolling takes a while, whether it’s scrolling from the bottom, up, left, right, or rotating the frame. The top button can also be used to undo a step. And the Bixby voice assistant is opened by pressing it for a relatively long time, and by pressing the bottom button, the Samsung Pay service is launched, and these things may seem at first a little confusing.

vital data

The South Korean company confirmed that the smart watch helps the user to get to know his body better by measuring a full set of vital data, including heart rate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, oxygen saturation rate in the blood, in addition to water content, skeletal muscles, muscle mass and percentage. body fat;

These measurements are made by placing one or two fingers on the key on the smart watch, and keeping it steady during the measurement process.

All measured data is synchronized with the Samsung Health app, and the measurements are categorized on the colorimeter directly, so the user quickly recognizes whether there is too much body fat, too little water or muscle.

The measurement data is accurate, as the Galaxy Watch 4 smart watch can compete with the pulse oximeter available in specialized stores, which accurately measures the heart rate and the oxygen saturation rate in the blood. Blood pressure measurements can also be calibrated with a regular cuff sphygmomanometer, but the accuracy of the pedometer is reduced; If the hand is resting on the stroller during the walks, the pedometer will not function properly.

The user can use the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smart watch while swimming; Because it is water resistant, but this applies to fresh water only. Among the positive aspects of Samsung’s reliance on Google’s Wear OS operating system, is the availability of a variety of applications and watch interfaces.


Among the shortcomings of the new Samsung smart watch, it does not work with Apple iPhones at all, in addition to the fact that the blood pressure measurement and electrocardiogram function are only supported with Samsung smartphones. As for other Android phones, the smart watch requires only the installation of the Samsung Health Monitor app, which is only available in the Samsung App Store and is only linked to Samsung devices.

Although the new smart watch has better integration with some Google services, this feature is not available when you want to run Google Maps while riding a bike; The screen saver continues to appear, and when the screen is unlocked, the navigation function disappears.

There is another drawback in the new smart watch from Samsung, which is the period of battery operation, although the South Korean company confirms that the operating period of the watch extends to 40 hours, this applies only when it is used for an hour, but when operating additional functions such as keeping the screen open or performing More exercises, less running time.